One super smart Rat Terrier!

Darn, I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted here in something like forever! That should be changing over the next few months, as I hope to have things set up so I can honestly start training the two siblings that I kept from this litter. Actually, life has changed quite a bit since I last posted, so I will need to catch up on everything pretty soon!

But today I just want to take a few moments to brag about my little Maddie. She is one darn smart girl!  I had washed the blankets that are on the doggy end of my work table and was folding one up to put back down on the table. Maddie carefully pushed my desk chair up to the wall that is behind the table and computer desk using her front paws several times. With about three pushes, she was satisfied that it was against the wall and wouldn’t roll when she jumped on it, then proceeded to jump on it and up to the table. Wow! I was super impressed! I have seen the chair up against the wall on several occasions, just never thought that one of the dogs would put it there on purpose! I can’t have a favorite dog, but if I did, it would definitely be my little Maddie! She is a very special little Rattie!

Here she is on a bed that I made the dogs, and another shot with her cute, lovable face!



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